Romero Creations Mango Tenor Ukuleles

Romero Creations RC-R-MG Replica Tenor Ukulele

Meticulously crafted from all solid Spalted Mango wood, and renowned worldwide for its exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled sound, this ukulele offers an extraordinary playing experience for musicians of all levels. 

Romero Creations Replica Tenor

Captivating Spalted Mango Tone: A Sound Unlike Any Other

The captivating tone of Spalted Mango wood sets this ukulele apart. Handpicked by master luthier Pepe Romero Jr., the wood delivers a warm and enchanting sound, making it highly sought after by discerning players. Each instrument is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality and resonance.

Romero Creations Replica Tenor

Premium Features: Craftsmanship at Its Finest

The Signature Replica features a host of premium appointments, including an Ultra Thin Neck, Gotoh Planetary 4:1 Tuners, Abalone Rosette & Purfling, and Ebony Fretboard, Bridge, & Headplate. With a spacious 1-1/2 Inch Nut Width, it offers enhanced comfort and versatility for players. 


Pepe Romero Custom Spalted Mango Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele 

A masterpiece crafted by the renowned Pepe Romero Jr. Known for his Romero Creations line, Pepe's handmade ukuleles exemplify precision and artistry. Descended from the esteemed Romero family of classical guitarists, Pepe brings a legacy of excellence to instrument crafting.

Pepe Romero Custom Spalted Mango Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele “MIRACLE”

A Legacy of Craftsmanship: Pepe Romero Jr.'s Handmade Ukuleles

This ukulele, fashioned from Pepe's private stock of Spalted Mango, boasts unparalleled aesthetics. Its vibrant swirls and rich hues reflect Pepe's meticulous selection of materials. Each detail, from the Madagascar Rosewood binding to the Abalone rosette, showcases his commitment to quality.

Pepe Romero Custom Spalted Mango Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele “MIRACLE”

Exquisite Design, Exemplary Sound: The Pepe Romero Experience

Crafted with a solid Mastergrade Spalted Mango top, back, and sides, this ukulele delivers a sound that captivates with clarity and richness. Pepe's use of the French Polish technique, a labor-intensive process, results in a pure, resonant tone that fills any space with warmth.

Pepe Romero Custom Spalted Mango Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele “MIRACLE”

Investing in Excellence: The Future of Pepe Romero Custom Ukuleles

As Pepe's reputation continues to soar in the ukulele community, the availability of his custom creations dwindles. With prices escalating and demand surging, acquiring one of his instruments becomes a prized opportunity. This Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele stands as a testament to Pepe's artistry and craftsmanship, embodying both history and future value. 

Get the Romero Creations RC-R-MG Replica Tenor Ukulele "Roma" HERE

Get the Pepe Romero Custom Spalted Mango Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele “MIRACLE” HERE

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