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[PRE-OWNED] Pepe Romero Custom Spalted Mango Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele “MIRACLE”

Sale price$6,995.00 USD


[PRE-OWNED] Pepe Romero Custom Spalted Mango Grand Reserve Tenor Ukulele “MIRACLE” - Made in 2017 

* NOTE - You will receive the Ukulele in the PHOTOS

** NOTE - This uke is pre-owned with light wear. It is in amazing condition with no major issues. It has top and bottom removable pickguards installed which protects the top from strumming scratches. SOLD AS-IS.

*** NOTE - This uke was owned by a longtime customer that always buys high-end ukes. We traded this uke for a Cornerstone Custom Uke "The Tree." This uke has been inspected by my team and is amazing condition, sounds incredible, and looks stunning.

This is a handmade custom ukulele by the one and only Pepe Romero Jr.

You may know him by his Romero Creations line of ukuleles (such as his Tiny Tenor or his ST Concert) but this one is not just designed by him but actually hand crafted by him.

Pepe is one of the most sought out guitar builders in the world, coming from a long line of professional touring classical guitar players, The Romeros, he decided to take his talents to building. Don't get us wrong, Pepe Romero Jr. is a fantastic guitar and ukulele player. 

Pepe's handmade classical guitars can easily go over $25,000 and still there is a 5 year wait to get one built.

If you have been looking for a custom Pepe ukulele this one will not disappoint and I would suggest grabbing it as fast as possible.

As Pepe's name gets bigger and bigger in the ukulele community the availability of these customs decrease and the prices continue to rise.

This is a Pepe Romero Jr. Grand Reserve Tenor ukulele made in 2017 from Pepe's famous Spalted Mango wood. His private stock of Spalted Mango is unlike any mango we have come across. It has stunning swirls, vibrant color variations, a deep rich colors.

Pepe's custom ukuleles are light and produce a sound that has clarity, lightness, and rich lush overtones that fill the room whether you are strumming, fingerpicking, or playing the Blues.

This ukulele has solid Mastergrade Spalted Mango Top, Back, and Sides, Ebony Fretboard,Madagascar Rosewood Binding, Bridge, and Headplate, Abalone Rosette and Fret Markers, Premium Gotoh Tuners, and Pepe's French Polish.

Pepe is one of few builders in the entire world that uses the French Polish technique. French polish takes weeks if not months to due properly and even though it's a labor of love, the pure sound it creates cannot be mistaken.

This instrument is a piece of history and everything that Pepe hand makes will not only hold their value but continue to go up in demand and price. 


  • Handmade by Pepe Romero Jr. in California
  • Spalted Mango Top, Back, & Sides
  • Madagascar Rosewood Faceplate, Bridge, and Binding
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Abalone Rosette and Fret Markers
  • Handcarved Mahogany neck
  • 17 Inch Scale Length
  • 1-1/2 Nut Width
  • 26-1/8 Inch Total Length
  • 12-1/8 Inch Body Length
  • 9-1/4 Inch Lower Bout
  • 6-5/8 Inch Upper Bout
  • 3-1/8 Inch Lower Bout Depth Thichkness
  • 2-7/8 Inch Upper Bout Depth Thickness
  • 12 fret to body
  • Through The Body Bridge
  • Premium Gotoh Tuners
  • French Polish
  • TUNED: G-C-E-A with HIGH G


  1. Free Month Premium Membership at Uke Like The Pros ($29.95 Value) AND at Rock Like The Pros ($29.95 Value)
  2. Free 57 Point Instrument Inspection
  3. Custom Setup AVAILABLE (See Below)
  4. Free World Famous Candy Pack
  5. Free Uke Like The Pros Chord Chart
  6. Free Uke Like The Pros Sticker
  7. Fully Insured US and Worldwide Shipping
  8. Usually Ships Same Day - Unless Custom Work Added

CUSTOM SETUP - Each instrument comes with a factory setup but a adding a custom setup is strongly recommend if you want the easiest playability, have arthritis, are particular about your setups and want a low action (how close the strings are to the fretboard) please click the "ADD SETUP" below.

* REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY - A humidifier is extremely important and it is recommended that you to get one. No matter where you live humidifiers not only protect your investment but also help the warranty process go smoother because you have taken the steps to ensure the safety and protection of your ukulele. If you ever have to file a warranty claim the first question asked will be if you have a humidifier.

* A PICKUP (several brands available) - click ADD PICKUP. Install times vary. If you need your instrument sooner please use the RUSH pickup option.


  • 3-10 Business Day Turnaround + Shipping Time
  • Adjust String Height At The Nut & Saddle For Easy Playability


  • 3-10 Business Day Turnaround + Shipping Time
  • Adjust String Height At The Nut & Saddle For Easy Playability
  • Adjust Intonation
  • Polish Frets & Fretboard
  • Oil Fretboard & Bridge
  • Reshape Nut Profile For Comfort & Smooth Tuning
  • Fret Level (if needed)
  • Balance Pickup (if needed)

* NOTE - You will receive the instrument in the PHOTOS

* Product may be shipped in manufacturing packaging to reduce waste. 

* We give our instruments individual names to match their character

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