10 Accessories Every Ukulele Player Should Own

10 Accessories Every Ukulele Player Should Own

At Terry Carter Music Store, we understand the importance of enhancing your ukulele playing experience with the right accessories. From humidifiers to capos, strings to gig bags, stands to polish, we've curated a list of 10 essential accessories every ukulele player should own. 

Boveda Humidifier: Protect Your Wooden Instrument

Discover the ultimate solution to safeguard your wooden instrument with Boveda's innovative technology. Designed to combat the greatest threat to instrument condition – improper storage – Boveda's 2-way humidity control technology offers automatic protection against warping, cracks, and other damages. Unlike traditional humidifiers that require cumbersome refills and offer only one-way humidity control, Boveda maintains a constant 40%-50% relative humidity level within your instrument's closed case.

Oasis OH-32: Ideal for Dry Climates

Experience peace of mind in even the driest climates with the Oasis OH-32 ukulele humidifier. Designed specifically for regions with extremely low humidity levels (20-25% RH), the OH-32 offers unparalleled protection against the common problems associated with humidity fluctuations. From seasonal tonality changes to string action variations, the OH-32 ensures consistent humidity levels, preserving the integrity of your ukulele investment.

Kala Klipz Tuner Your Ultimate Tuning Companion

Compatible with ukuleles, guitars, basses, and violins, the Klipz tuner offers a comprehensive solution for musicians of all levels. Its large, backlit display and 360° rotation provide optimal visibility, while the choice of chromatic, ukulele, guitar, bass, and violin settings ensures precise tuning every time. Available in a range of colors, the Klipz tuner combines functionality with style, making it the perfect accessory for any musician.

Unveiling the Snark ST-2 Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner

Delve into the world of precise tuning with the Snark ST-2, a versatile tuner crafted for all instruments. Its intuitive design allows for seamless switching between the internal microphone and vibration sensor, ensuring accurate tuning regardless of your instrument. From ukuleles to brass instruments, the ST-2 caters to a diverse range of musical needs. With its new, brighter display and 360° swivel head, tuning becomes effortless from any angle. Plus, the gripped clip ensures a secure hold, keeping the tuner firmly in place during your performance.

Martin White Ukulele Picks

Martin White Ukulele Picks

Enhance your ukulele's melody with soft yet durable picks, precisely designed for nylon strings. Say goodbye to dust and deterioration with our custom-made picks, each adorned with the iconic pressed C.F. Martin logo. Each pack contains four picks measuring 2.5mm in white, ensuring your uke sings beautifully.

Dunlop LT/MED Variety Picks

Dunlop Variety Pick Pack

Explore 12 top picks, from Nylon Standard to Gator Grip®, for every strumming occasion. Crafted with precision, these picks offer durability and versatility, perfect for campfire tunes or center stage performances. With Max-Grip® technology for a firm hold, and a variety of materials and gauges, finding your signature sound has never been easier. From beginners to pros, these picks are a must-have for any musician.

Premium Straps for Your Musical Style

Elevate your instrument's look with Terry Carter Music Store's 1.5 Inch Poly Ukulele and Guitar Strap. Crafted in the USA with durable polyester fabric and leather ends, it features a sleek black-on-black logo. Perfect for ukuleles, electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, it offers maximum length adjustability up to 62 inches.

Express Your Style with D'Addario Woven Straps

Discover D'Addario's woven ukulele straps, available in White/Blue, Brown/Pink, and Brown/Blue. Designed for versatility and durability, these straps cater to players of all genres, adding flair to any instrument. Ideal for both ukuleles and guitars, they're a perfect choice for players seeking style and comfort. 

Discover the Versatility of Worth Ukulele Strings

Unleash your musical potential with Worth Brown or Clear ukulele strings, available in both low and high G. Each set contains enough strings for 2 full sets, crafted with 100% fluorocarbon nylon for optimal performance. 

Experience Long-lasting Quality with Oasis Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings

Indulge in the rich tones of Oasis Fluorocarbon ukulele strings, each strand providing enough for 2 sets. With a length twice that needed for most ukuleles, these strings offer durability and convenience. Snip, string, and save for future harmonies.

UB-T-ULTP Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag

Protect Your Precious Ukulele

Show your ukulele some love with the Uke Like The Pros Padded Gig Bag. Its padded interior safeguards your instrument wherever you go. The zippered pocket stores your accessories, while the shoulder straps provide convenience on the move. Plus, the stylish design featuring the Uke Like The Pros logo and gray piping keeps your uke safe in style. Coming in Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone sizes.

Kala Walnut Ukulele Capo

Introducing the Kala Walnut Ukulele Capo, available in Beechwood and black. With durability, ease, and style, it fits any ukulele size. Its soft silicone pads protect against scratches, making it a strong, sturdy, and effortless accessory.

Display Your Ukulele with Style

The Martin Solid Oak Guitar Wall Hanger, a sturdy solution crafted from solid oak. Perfect for showcasing your ukulele in any space. Easy mounting and adjustable design ensure a snug fit. Ideal for studios or cozy sitting rooms.

Portable Protection for Your Uke

The Ohana Lightweight A-Frame Portable Uke Stand, available in vibrant colors. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, it's perfect for musicians on the move. Adjustable rubber foot stops ensure stability for ukuleles, banjoleles, mandolins, guitars, or basses. Protect your instrument with this foldable, portable stand.

100 Day Ukulele Music Practice Book

Embark on Your Musical Journey with the 100 Day Ukulele Music Practice Book

Endorsed by Terry Carter, this planner sets you on a transformative path. Commit to 100 days of daily practice to witness remarkable growth. Schedule practices, track progress, and celebrate achievements with this essential tool.

Master Music Reading with Ease Using the Beginning Music Reading Book For Ukulele

Unlock the joy of reading music with Terry Carter's guide. Say goodbye to tablature and embrace fluency. Suitable for all ukulele enthusiasts, this book offers over 45 musical examples and songs. Develop confidence, expand your repertoire, and enhance your playing with this comprehensive resource.

Start Your Lessons Online with Uke Like The Pros

Unleash your musical potential with Uke Like The Pros online Ukulele Lessons. Dive into comprehensive tutorials tailored for beginners and advanced players alike. Elevate your skills with personalized guidance from expert instructors. From mastering chords to perfecting strumming techniques, embark on a musical journey from the comfort of your home. Pair with your brand new ukulele accessories and you are ready to jam!

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