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Warm Audio WA-2MPX Dual-Channel Tube Mic Preamp

Sale price$1,399.00 USD


Rediscover Vintage Sound with Warm Audio WA-2MPX Mic Preamp

Step into a world where music history meets cutting-edge technology with the Warm Audio WA-2MPX Mic Preamp. Faithfully recreating the legendary tube preamp that shaped rock 'n' roll and timeless hits, this device is a tribute to the golden era of tape recording. Imagine capturing the same warmth and richness that graced recordings by icons like Elvis Presley and Kurt Cobain.

Authentic Vintage Warmth, Modern Precision

Crafted with premium components and a true-to-original circuit design, the WA-2MPX delivers more than nostalgia; it offers a sonic journey. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding artist, its tape saturation control lets you dial in that coveted analog warmth. Embrace the legacy of sound that defined an era, now at your fingertips at Terry Carter Music Store.

Your Path to Timeless Sound Begins Here

Elevate your recordings with the Warm Audio WA-2MPX Mic Preamp. Perfect for studio professionals and enthusiasts alike, it's more than a tool—it's a gateway to capturing music history's finest moments. Join the ranks of artists who shaped the industry and unleash your creativity with every note, every chord, and every recording session.


  • 2-channel Tube Preamp
  • 3 Tubes per channel
  • Reproduction of AMPEX 351 Tube Pre
  • Selectable Tape Saturation per channel
  • 90dB of Analog gain per chanel
  • Custom-wound CineMag transformers
  • XLR and 1/4" inputs on the back with 2 Instruments 1/4" on the front
  • Switchable fixed-frequency LPF and HPF
  • Tone switch altars transformer impedance for added color
  • Large Gain and Output Level knobs
  • 2 Large VU Meter
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