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Fingerstyle Mastery Ukulele Book

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Fingerstyle Mastery Ukulele Book | Uke Like The Pros

 Written by Terry Carter

  • Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Pages: 69

The Uke Like The Pros Ukulele Fingerstyle Mastery songbook by Terry Carter is the #1 book for those ukulele players who are ready to explore the wonderful world of fingerstyle ukulele. This book contains 17 original fingerstyle pieces for ukulele, all written by Uke Like The Pros founder, Terry Carter.

Terry has pulled from his incredible professional experience as a Los Angeles studio musician (Weezer, Josh Grobon, Los Angeles Philharmonic), composer (CBS, MTV, Puma), and educator (University of Southern California and San Diego State University) to bring each of these challenging but amazing fingerstyle pieces to life.

Each piece is specifically written to help you master a different fingertsyle pattern and develop finger independence, as it weaves you through a variety of musical keys and styles. These are not just simply practice pieces but performance level pieces that you can enjoy playing on your own or in front of an audience.

The music in this book will stretch both your left and right technique, and give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of fingerstyle ukukele. The Ukulele Fingerstyle Mastery book ranges from traditional and contemporary fingerstyle, to Blues, Latin, and Classical styles. These fun and challenging pieces will work on techniques such as forward rolls, backward rolls, pinches, double stops, harmonics, and independence of your thumb, index middle, and ring fingers.

Through the process of mastering these one-of-a-kind written pieces, you will gain confidence, increase your dexterity and hand strength, and develop a strong sense of rhythm while exploring 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8  time signatures. This will be the best ukulele fingerstyle book that you will ever purchase written by Terry Carter, one of the most trusted names in the ukulele community, with millions of views on his social media channels and website.

Come join the thousands of ukulele players, many just like yourself, master fingerstyle ukulele.

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