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TASCAM Portacapture X8 High Resolution Portable Recorder

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Unleash Your Creativity Anywhere

Step into the world of professional recording with the TASCAM Portacapture X8, where every location becomes your personal studio. Whether capturing ambient sounds for video production or crafting intricate musical compositions on the fly, this portable recorder is your versatile companion. With 32-bit float point recording, worries about clipping or low-level audio vanish, ensuring pristine recordings even in dynamic environments.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

Seamlessly navigate the Portacapture X8's capabilities through its 3.5-inch color touch panel and Launcher system. Optimized presets cater to diverse needs from multi-track recording to ASMR, while four mic/line inputs with phantom power accommodate a range of instruments and microphones.

Experience freedom with driverless USB audio interfacing and wireless remote control via the Portacapture Control app. The detachable condenser mics offer flexibility for stereo recording setups, making every session effortless and efficient.

Create, Capture, and Connect

Embrace the future of portable recording with the TASCAM Portacapture X8. Whether you're a seasoned audio professional or an aspiring creator, this device empowers you to capture inspiration wherever it strikes. Elevate your recordings with unparalleled clarity and versatility, backed by TASCAM's commitment to quality and innovation.


  • Intuitive Launcher system using a 3.5-inch color touch panel display:
  • Optimized presets for multi-track recording, podcasting, music, voice, field recording, and ASMR.
  • 4 mic/line inputs with individual phantom power accommodate practically any combination of sound sources, from microphones and line-level devices to instruments.
  • 32-bit floating point recording means you don't need to set input levels before recording, and you won't have to scrap audio that was recorded too loudly or quietly.
  • Detachable large-diaphragm condenser mics can be configured for A-B and X-Y stereo recording.
  • Driverless 8-in/2-out USB audio interface.
  • Onboard mics can be used as a USB audio source.
  • Internal recording to microSD card is still available when using in USB audio interface mode.
  • Supports 32-bit float recording via USB (from V1.30).
  • Record up to 8 tracks simultaneously (6 tracks + 2 mix).
  • Wireless remote control via Portacapture Control app and optional AK-BT1 Bluetooth adapter.
  • Supports wireless timecode sync with supported devices from Atomos with the optional AK-BT1 Bluetooth adapter (from V1.20).
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