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TASCAM Model 16 All-in-One Mixing Studio: Mixer/Interface/Recorder

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Unleash Your Creative Potential

The TASCAM Model 16 at Terry Carter Music Store is a game-changer. Compact yet powerful, it combines the warmth of analog with a digital workflow, bringing the best of both worlds. This all-in-one mixer offers 16 tracks for multi-track recording, ensuring your live performances and studio sessions sound professional. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned producer, the Model 16 promises a seamless experience.

Advanced Features for Seamless Integration

With the Model 16, you get 14 inputs, including 10 monaural XLR/TRS balanced and 2 stereo-paired TRS balanced. Its 10 mic preamps utilize TASCAM’s Ultra HDDA Mic Pre-amp technology, delivering pristine sound quality. Each input channel features an input mode switch, 1-knob compressor, and a 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid-range frequency. The built-in USB audio interface (16-in/14-out) ensures smooth data transfer to and from your DAW.

Versatility and Superior Control

The Model 16’s versatility is unmatched. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 input, 16 TASCAM effects like reverb, delay, and chorus, and features a remote connector for a foot switch. The main and sub outputs come with semi-parametric EQs, offering precise control over your sound. Additionally, the punch-in/out capability and 100Hz low-cut filter provide added flexibility during recording. With the TASCAM Model 16, your perfect mix is within reach.


  • 16-track multi-track recorder: WAV, up to 48kHz/24-bit to SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards (Class 10 or higher required)
  • Punch in/out capability: Up to 8 tracks simultaneously
  • Built-in USB Audio Interface: Send/receive 16-in/14-out audio data to/from DAW
  • Inputs: 14 (10 Monaural XLR/TRS balanced and 2 Stereo-paired TRS balanced)
  • Mic Pre-amps: 10 utilizing TASCAM Ultra HDDA Mic Pre-amp technology (CH 1 thru 8)
  • Pre-amp Gain Controller: With Signal/Over-load Indicator (CH 1 thru 12)
  • Input Mode switch: LIVE/USB/MTR per input channel
  • 1-knob compressor: CH 1 thru 8
  • 3-band EQ: With a sweep-able mid-range frequency (CH 1 thru 8)
  • 100Hz Low-cut Filter: CH 1 thru 12
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 input: Supporting both AAC and SBC codecs
  • Hi/Lo shelf: Wide and narrow-Q semi-parametric EQs for Main and SUB outputs
  • TASCAM Effects: 16, including reverb, delay, chorus, and flange
  • Outputs: MAIN via XLR balanced and SUB via TRS balanced connectors
  • 1 Stereo Output: For Control Room
  • REMOTE connector: For a Foot Switch (TASCAM RC-1F)


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