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TASCAM DP-006 6-Track Digital Pocketstudio

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Discover the Power of Portable Recording

Unleash your creativity with the TASCAM DP-006 Digital Pocketstudio, your ultimate companion for capturing song ideas on the go. Whether inspiration strikes in a cafe or on a mountaintop, this compact yet powerful multi-track recorder ensures you're always prepared. Featuring a built-in high-quality microphone and intuitive controls reminiscent of classic cassette MRTs, the DP-006 lets you dive straight into recording with just a flick of a switch.

Each track is equipped with its own dedicated knob, allowing for effortless adjustment and customization without the hassle of navigating complex menus. With SD/SDHC card compatibility and USB connectivity, transferring your recordings to your computer is seamless, ensuring your ideas never get lost.

Professional Sound, Effortless Operation

Transform your musical sketches into polished productions with the TASCAM DP-006. This pocket-sized marvel not only captures every nuance of your performance in pristine audio quality but also enhances your workflow with its user-friendly design. Perfect for musicians of all levels, from aspiring songwriters to seasoned producers, the DP-006 simplifies the recording process without compromising on sound fidelity.

Add TASCAM's BP-6AA external battery pack for extended recording sessions anywhere, ensuring your creative flow never hits a snag. Embrace the freedom to create, edit, and refine your music with confidence, knowing that every idea, every melody, is captured with the clarity and precision your music deserves.


  • Record up to six tracks: 2 mono tracks + 2 mono/stereo switchable tracks.
  • CD quality recording (16-bit/44.1kHz).
  • Two tracks simultaneous recording, six tracks simultaneous playback.
  • Dedicated stereo master track available.
  • Record to SD/SDHC card (Up to 32GB).
  • 4GB SD card included.
  • 2 built-in omnidirectional condenser microphones.
  • Microphone sensitivity selectable from 3 positions (Low/Mid/High).
  • 2 x TS 1/4-inch mic/line inputs.
  • INPUT A can connect high-impedance instrument directly (like an electric-guitar).
  • Independent LEVEL/PAN (BALANCE) knobs for each track.
  • 15mW/ch headphone output.
  • 128 × 64 dot-matrix LCD.
  • 4 x AA batteries for up to 9 hours of operation (when recording, using the eneloop battery).
  • Optional AC adapter available (TASCAM PS-P520).
  • Can connect to an external battery pack (TASCAM BP-6AA).
  • Tripod screw hole for mounting on a tripod stand.
  • Direct locate function by jog-wheel.
  • Repeat playback between IN/OUT point.
  • Track edit functions (CLONE TRACK, CLEAN OUT, SILENCE, CUT, OPEN).
  • Bounce function allows recording of more than six tracks.
  • UNDO/REDO (UNDO HISTORY) function.
  • Chromatic tuner and metronome built in.
  • High-speed data transfer by USB2.0 connection.
  • Backup and restore songs.
  • File import/export by WAV format (mono/stereo).
  • Export stereo master file as stereo WAV format.
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