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Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele Mango "Little Giant"

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Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele Mango "Little Giant"

 The Rebel Solid Mango Soprano Double Creme has the same beautiful, sweet sound with some really smooth highs and a nice responsive bass when you hit the open C strings as the Creme Brulee but with a more traditional thickness body. The extra depth makes this Ukulele even more Concert like than it's sibling. You will find yourself playing open chords like C and F and just listening for several seconds as the note rings out to its conclusion.

It is extremely rare for a new Soprano to have such a refined sound and this Ukulele successfully handles a confident strum without any undertones. In many ways it actually sounds much more like a Concert and has the beautiful, rich tones found in high quality tone woods.

The wood grains are beautiful in this instrument. The contrast between the light mango body and the darker neck is stunning. It will draw attention both when you are playing it and when it is displayed in it's resting place. You will want a prominent place for this treasure.


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