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PRS SE Silver Sky Electric Guitar - Stone Blue

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Elevate Your Melodic Journey with the PRS SE Silver Sky Guitar

The PRS SE Silver Sky guitar beckons to those who demand nothing but the finest in their musical journey. Crafted as a harmonious iteration of its predecessor, the original Silver Sky model, which made its entrancing debut alongside the legendary John Mayer in 2018, this remarkable instrument is now available at Terry Carter Music Store. 

Craftsmanship Unveiled: The PRS SE Silver Sky's Sonic Symphony

From its very core, the PRS SE Silver Sky resonates with passion. Its poplar body stands tall, united with a bolt-on maple neck and a welcoming rosewood fretboard embellished with PRS's signature bird inlays.

A 22-fret journey is ready, led by a 25.5” scale neck that echoes the original 635JM carve and embraces an 8.5” fretboard radius. This combination ensures that the PRS SE Silver Sky nestles perfectly within the grasp of any musician, familiar or new. When the electric pulse courses through its veins, the three single-coil 635JM “S” pickups unleash a spirited symphony of barks and melodies that dance in harmony.

Unleash Your Musical Passion with the PRS SE Silver Sky Guitar

The soul of the PRS SE Silver Sky resonates through every fiber of its being. Anchored by a steadfast two-point steel tremolo, crowned with a synthetic bone nut and vintage-style tuners, this guitar embarks on a sonic journey with you.

Enveloped in the warmth of PRS Classic 10-46 strings, the PRS SE Silver Sky comes complete with a protective gig bag, ready to become the steadfast companion of those who seek not only to play but to resonate with the rhythm of their hearts.

* NOTE - You will receive the guitar in the PHOTOS *

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