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PRS SE Silver Sky Electric Guitar - Dragon Fruit

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Elevate Your Melodic Journey with the PRS SE Silver Sky Guitar

The PRS SE Silver Sky guitar emerges as a harmonious evolution of its predecessor, the original Silver Sky model, initially introduced alongside the legendary John Mayer in the year 2018.

Echoing its rich lineage, this reliable workhorse guitar bestows an abundance of tone and playability, all ensconced within the splendor of four distinct colors, offering a symphony of visual allure, tactile comfort, and resonant sound.

Unveiling Pristine Craftsmanship: Features of the PRS SE Silver Sky

Firstly, crafted upon a foundation of a poplar body, the guitar is distinguished by its bolt-on maple neck and a rosewood fretboard adorned with the renowned PRS trademark bird inlays.

Secondly, the neck, spanning 22 frets and embracing a 25.5” scale length, graciously carries the original 635JM carve, and its 8.5” fretboard radius ensures an intuitive and familiar feel. Upon plugging it in, the trio of single-coil 635JM “S” pickups come to life, harmoniously alternating between barks and melodic serenades.

Sonic Brilliance Unleashed: PRS SE Silver Sky's Harmonious Performance

Morover, anchoring the guitar's ethos is a two-point steel tremolo, complemented by a synthetic bone nut and vintage-style tuners that beckon stability and precision. The PRS Silver Sky inverted headstock shape stands as an emblem of distinction, while the accessible-from-the-front PRS double-acting truss rod guarantees ease of maintenance.

To accompany you on your musical journey, the guitar arrives outfitted with PRS Classic 10-46 strings and a dedicated gig bag, echoing the commitment to quality and convenience that defines the PRS experience.

Your Musical Companion Awaits: PRS SE Silver Sky Comes Complete

In summary, the PRS SE Silver Sky guitar is more than an instrument; it is a conduit to a world of sonic exploration. With its roots deeply intertwined with the legacy of John Mayer and PRS Guitars, this silver-toned marvel beckons players with its blend of heritage, modernity, and a promise of melodic wonder waiting to be unleashed.

PRS SE Silver Sky Electric Guitar - Body

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