Pepe Romero Strings UT1 Tenor Ukulele High G Set (GCEA Tuning)

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Pepe Romero Strings UT1 Tenor Ukulele High G Set - G-C-E-A Tuning


  • G-C-E-A with HIGH G
  • Fluorocarbon 

Pepe Romero UT1 Tenor Ukulele High G Set. This cutting edge fluorocarbon set is great for your tenor ukulele. This set is for traditional high G Hawaiian tuning. These strings will boost your ukulele's power, sustain, clarity and overall performance.

Pepe Romero Ukulele Strings feature cutting edge fluorocarbon treble strings which have been tested extensively and refined by Pepe Romero. The optional Low G string is made by La Bella and has huge power and lots of tonal warmth. Pepe has been working with La Bella for many years and they have now teamed up to bring you string sets that will boost your instruments power, sustain, and clarity and overall performance. Pepe Romero and La Bella are proud to being these special strings to you. 

Made in the U.S.A.

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