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Pepe Romero Custom Koa Tenor Ukulele Series 5 "Loco Moco"

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Pepe Romero Custom Koa Tenor Ukulele Series 5 "Loco Moco"

Do not hesitate on this one.

This is a handmade custom ukulele by the one and only Pepe Romero Jr.

You may know him by his Romero Creations line of ukuleles (such as his Tiny Tenor or his ST Concert) but this one is not just designed by him but actually hand crafted by him.

Pepe is one of the most sought out guitar builders in the world, coming from a long line of professional touring classical guitar players, The Romeros, he decided to take his talents to building.

His classical guitars can easily go over $25,000 and still there is a 5 year wait to get one built.

Lucky for us, Pepe has been focusing more on his custom made ukuleles, and fortunately Pepe is a good friend of mine and he built me 3 custom ukuleles for this batch.

This is the only one you will see as the other 2 sold within the first few hours of me telling the community about them.

This one will be sold out fast.

If you have been looking for a custom Pepe ukulele this one will not disappoint and I would suggest grabbing it as fast as possible.

As Pepe's name gets bigger and bigger in the ukulele community the availability of these customs gets lower and the price continues to go up.

Plus, this one is all solid Hawaiian Koa wood taken from Pepe's select private stock that he has been curing for years to make the perfect ukulele.

You can see that this koa ukulele has everything you want in your koa wood: Gorgeous dark and rich color, stunning "flames", incredible balance and warmth, and of course that one of a kind Pepe sound and playability.

These koa ukes are the most sought after of all Pepe's custom ukes.

The last koa custom that I had a few years back never made it to the store as it was snatched up immediately from a member.

I can't forget to mention the signature Pepe French Polish Finish. Pepe is one of few builders in the entire world that uses the French Polish technique. French polish takes weeks if not months to due properly and even though it's a labor of love, the pure sound it creates cannot be mistaken.

Due to Pepe's demanding schedule as a builder and creator of the Romero Creations brand, this took over 6 months to make.

There will not be another one for a while and I guarantee there will not be another long like this.

This instrument is a piece of history and everything that Pepe hand makes will not only hold their value but continue to go up in demand and price. 


  • Handmade by Pepe Romero Jr. in San Diego, CA

  • Premium Hand Selected Solid Hawaiian Koa Top

  • Premium Reserved Stock Solid Hawaiian Koa Sides & Back
  • 17” tenor scale length

  • 12 frets to the body

  • Abalone Rosette and Purfling
  • Gotoh Planetary 4:1 tuners
  • Ebony fingerboard and Bridge and Binding

  • Pepe Romero Strings: UT2 Tenor Ukulele Set (Low G)

  • Tuned: G - C - E - A with Low G


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  9. 2 Year Warranty Backed by Pepe Romero Jr.

* CUSTOM SETUP - Each Romero Creations is setup at Pepe's shop BUT if you are particular about your setups, have arthritis, or want the easiest playability with low action (how close the strings are to the fretboard) please click the "ADD Custom Setup" on this page. 

* A humidifier is HIGHLY recommended with all orders. No matter where you live humidifiers not only protect your investment but also help the warranty process go smoother because you have taken the steps to ensure the safety and protection of your ukulele.

* Either the Oasis OH-18 (OH-32 for extra dry areas) or the Boveda Humidifier are recommended and available here at Click "ADD Humidifier"

* You can simply click the add to order box to add the humidifier.

*An Lr-Baggs 5.0 Pickup can be installed for $250. Install times can vary and will delay shipping.

NOTE *You will receive the exact Romero Creations that is in the PHOTOS and VIDEO.

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