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On-Stage DB2050 Active Stereo Multimedia DI Box

Sale price$119.95 USD


Transform Stereo Sources: On-Stage DB2050 Multimedia DI Box

Introducing the On-Stage DB2050 Multimedia DI Box, a must-have for musicians and sound engineers alike. Transforming any line-level stereo source into a low-impedance discrete stereo XLR signal, it's perfect for transmitting audio across long cable runs to mixers or PA systems. With its throughput connector, the unaltered signal can effortlessly pass to a stage amp.

Clean, Crisp Audio: Features That Prevent Clipping and Ground Hum

Equipped with a -15 dB pad switch, clipping is effectively prevented, ensuring pristine sound quality even at high volumes. Say goodbye to ground-loop hum thanks to the ground-lift switch, providing clean, noise-free audio. Its array of input connectors offers versatility for various audio sources, making it a versatile tool in any setup.

Built to Last: Heavy-Duty Construction for Reliable Performance

Crafted with a heavy-duty metal enclosure, the DB2050 ensures durability and reliability, safeguarding internal components. The active circuit boasts a high-quality transformer, guaranteeing low distortion and an isolated signal path for superior audio performance. Experience the convenience of converting line-level stereo inputs to balanced, low-impedance stereo outputs without frequency loss.


  • -15 dB pad switch prevents clipping
  • Active circuit features a high-quality transformer for low distortion and an isolated signal path
  • Converts a line-level stereo input to a balanced, low-impedance stereo (XLR) output
  • Output signal can be sent via a long cable to a mixer or PA system without frequency loss
  • Application: Computers, mp3 players, keyboards, projectors, and DJ equipment
  • Construction: Metal with nylon bumpers
  • Dimensions: 6" x 3.5" x 1.5"
  • Ground Lift: Yes
  • Input Resistance: 50K Ohms
  • Inputs: Stereo 1/4" / 3.5mm / RCA
  • Outputs: Isolated stereo XLR
  • Pad: 15dB
  • Polarity: Yes
  • Power: Phantom
  • Weight: 0.70 lbs.

SKU: DB2050

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