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Ohana TK-35CE Tenor Ukulele w/ EQ

Sale price$369.00 USD


Elevate Your Sound with Ohana TK-35CE Tenor Ukulele

Hey there, fellow music lover! Have you been searching for that perfect ukulele to take your performances to the next level? Look no further than the Ohana TK-35CE Tenor Ukulele, a stunning piece of artistry waiting to be embraced at Terry Carter Music Store.

Unleash Your Musical Passion with Ohana 35G Core Line

Imagine yourself strumming this beautiful all solid mahogany ukulele with its velvety satin finish, bringing out warm and rich tones that resonate with your soul. The Ohana TK-35CE is more than just an instrument; it's a commitment to quality and attention to detail, just like you put into your music.

All Solid Mahogany: Bold Sound, Beautiful Design

What's even more exciting is the cutaway design that offers effortless access to those higher frets, allowing you to explore new melodies and riffs effortlessly. Plus, with the built-in pickup, EQ, and tuner, you can plug in and let your sound soar, embracing the freedom to rock out and share your passion with the world.

Rock Out and Perform with Ohana's Cutaway + Pickup Option

The Ohana 35G series is renowned for its bold projected sound and classic styling, making it the perfect choice for any enthusiastic musician like you. Whether you're performing on stage or sharing the joy of music around a campfire, this tenor ukulele will be your faithful companion, adding a touch of elegance to your collection.

So, don't wait any longer; take the leap and bring the Ohana TK-35CE Tenor Ukulele into your life. You'll be amazed at how it elevates your music, and who knows, you might just find yourself penning the next chart-topping hit on its strings. Embrace the quality, embrace the passion, and embrace the joy of making music with Ohana at Terry Carter Music Store. Happy strumming!

* The Ohana TK in the video has a gloss finish while your uke will have a satin finish.


    • Top: Solid Mahogany
    • Back: Solid Mahogany
    • Sides: Solid Mahogany
    • Sound-hole: Rosette in black/ white/ black 
    • Finish: Satin
    • Body Binding: Wood w/ white/ black purfling 
    • Body Length: 10.93"
    • Neck: Mahogany
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Frets: 19 total
    • Fretboard: Hardwood; Pearloid Side Markers on Frets # 5, 7, 10 & 12
    • Nut: Bone
    • Nut Width: 1.43"
    • Scale Length: 17"
    • Headstock: Mahogany
    • Tuners: Grover open geared
    • Strings: Aquila
    • Saddle: Bone
    • Overall Length: 27.5"
    • Made in China
    • Tuning of G-C-E-A with High G


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    * REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY - To ensure your warranty is valid, it's crucial to use a humidifier, which is strongly recommended regardless of where you live. Not only do humidifiers safeguard your investment, but they also facilitate the warranty process by demonstrating that you have taken precautions to protect your ukulele. When making a warranty claim, it is likely that they will inquire about your use of a humidifier.

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