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Ohana SK-10 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Sale price$75.00 USD


Experience the Magic: Ohana SK-10 Soprano Ukulele at Terry Carter Music Store

Are you ready to embark on a sonic adventure? Well, get ready to be swept away by the sweet, melodious tunes of the Ohana SK-10 Soprano Ukulele, available at Terry Carter Music Store.

Small Size, Big Sound: Unleash the Power of the SK-10

Firstly, like the sound of the original ukulele, the SK-10 delivers the quintessential sound of a soprano. Don't be fooled by its small size, though, because this uke is a giant in sound. Picture this: crisp, clear notes and harmonious chords dancing in perfect harmony, all emanating from this compact instrument.

Quality, Sound, and Durability: Trusted by Schools Worldwide

Secondly, the SK-10 has been time-tested and trusted in schools and communities all around the world. Its exceptional quality, sound, and durability make it a true gem. So whether you're strumming away on a sunny beach, sharing your musical talent with friends around a campfire, or simply seeking solace on a solo journey, this ukulele will be your loyal companion.

On-the-Go Melodies: Carry Joy with the Convenient SK-10

Thirdly, let's talk about the joy of convenience. The SK-10 is not only easy on the ears but also easy to carry. Its compact design ensures that you can take this musical treasure with you wherever your adventures lead. This little gem will steal your heart and find a special place in your soul.

So, my fellow music seekers, embrace the ukulele's enchanting sound and let the Ohana SK-10 Soprano Ukulele be your melodic companion on your travels. Terry Carter Music Store invites you to experience the joy of strumming this delightful instrument, bringing the magic of music to every step of your journey. Get ready to create beautiful memories, one harmonious note at a time.


    • Top, Back, & Side: Mahogany (laminate)
    • Finish: Satin
    • Soundhole: Black/white rosette
    • Body Length: 9-1/2″
    • Neck: Mahogany
    • Frets: 12
    • Fretboard: Hardwood
    • Finish: Satin
    • Nut: Synthetic
    • Scale Length: 13-3/4″
    • Headstock: Mahogany
    • Tuners: Geared
    • Strings: Aquila
    • Saddle: Synthetic
    • Overall Length: 21″
    • Made in China
    • TUNED: G-C-E-A with HIGH G


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