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Oasis OH-18 Humidifier for Ukulele

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Protect Your Investment

An Oasis® Humidifier for Ukulele is crafted in America, ensuring the highest quality and performance. Musicians know their instruments are an investment worth protecting. Dry weather can wreak havoc on fine instruments, causing damage that is costly to repair. With Oasis® humidifiers, you can avoid these issues. They are designed to provide consistent humidity, safeguarding your ukulele from the adverse effects of dry conditions.

Innovative Design for Optimal Humidity

Oasis® humidifiers utilize a unique hollow multi-layer tube, holding more water than traditional humidifiers. Instead of using absorbent materials like sponges or floral foam, Oasis® employs Humigel crystals™. These crystals suspend water in a gel, preventing leaks while delivering a steady supply of moisture. The inner lining, akin to the breathable yet waterproof material Gore-Tex®, allows water vapor to escape without letting liquid water through, ensuring your instrument stays safe and hydrated.

Reliable and Easy to Use

Maintaining the right humidity level inside your ukulele case is crucial. Oasis® humidifiers emit water vapor at a controlled rate, with khaki models offering 50% more output for drier environments. They are designed to provide around 50% relative humidity when external conditions range from 25-40% RH. The humidifier shrinks as water evaporates, clearly indicating when a refill is needed, which typically happens every 7-10 days. This eliminates the guesswork and risks associated with other humidifiers that may drip or overfill.

Cost-Effective and Gentle on Instruments

Using Oasis® humidifiers is both economical and practical. They only require distilled water and annual replacement of Humigel™ crystals, avoiding the frequent replacement of costly salt pouches. The soft materials used in their construction reduce the risk of scratching or denting your instrument. Installation is quick and straightforward, making it a hassle-free solution for maintaining your ukulele’s optimal condition.

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