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Oasis GPX Clear Fluorocarbon Tenor Ukulele Strings Bright UKE-8000 High G

Sale price$12.95 USD


Oasis GPX Clear Fluorocarbon Tenor Ukulele Strings Bright UKE-8000 High G

*Each String is enough for 2 sets

  • Full Set of Bright Tenor Ukulele Strings with HIGH G
  • This is a HIGH G String
  • A: .0215"     E: .027"   C: .030"    G: .023"

Ukulele strings is their length (63”). This length is at least twice as long as the length needed to string a concert, soprano or tenor ukulele. We recommend that before using the string you cut the string in half with scissors. Use one section immediately and put one length of the string back in the envelope for future use. If you happen to have a low G set, the low G (4th) has two individual 39” lengths of the wound string in one envelope. Do not cut these strings before use.Low G Smooth Wound Uke String

(From Oasis Web Site) With our success with the GPX™ classical guitar strings, we decided to use our experience with fluorocarbon monofilament to create a series of ukulele strings. Working with a leading ukulele internet forum we have developed two basic sets: bright (UKE 8000 series) or warm (UKE 8100 series). Both sets are available with either a high or low G string (4th string). The high G string is the same fluorocarbon material we use on the other three strings. The low G (4th) has a nylon core with a round wire wrap made of silver plated copper. This is the same material we use to create our Sustenuto™ classical guitar bass strings. The low G plays an octave below the high G.The first thing you will notice about Oasis Fluorocarbon

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