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NUX B-5RC 2.4GHz Wireless System for Guitar and Bass

Sale price$149.00 USD


Stable Signal Unleashed: NUX B-5RC Guitar Wireless System Redefines Reliability

At Terry Carter Music Store, the NUX B-5RC Guitar Wireless System stands as a shining testament to modern musical innovation. With a focus on unwavering reliability, this 2.4GHz wireless system emerges as a beacon of stability, ensuring that the harmony between you and your instrument remains unbroken. Crafted by the skilled hands of the NUX engineering team, this wireless wonder is a result of their tireless pursuit of excellence.

The NUX B-5RC's exceptional signal stability is a testament to the meticulous work invested. By narrowing its bandwidth to a mere 2M, this wireless gem achieves a level of precision that sets it apart from its peers. No sonic compromise is made, as the system upholds the very essence of your music. Automatic channel detection further underlines its adaptability, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of your surroundings.

Tone & Feel Perfected: NUX B-5RC Ensures Pristine Sound Quality and Expression

Amidst the pursuit of technical excellence, the NUX B-5RC never forgets the essence of music – tone and feel. The proprietary signal-processing algorithm breathes life into your sound, preserving its purity and nuance with care.


  • Work well with most of guitar,bass that equipped with active or passive pickups. Will not fit Godin guitar(with special pickup) as our test.
  • NUX signal processing algorithm ensures signal stability, ultra low latency (< 5ms), and maintains the original tone and feel of your instruments and playing. Operating Frequency Band: 2.4GHz. Dynamic Range:112dB
  • Comes with an inbox charging/carrying case. it provides 9 hours battery life and charges the wireless system approximately 3 times.
  • Compact and light-weight design fits any guitar and bass body types.
  • Auto matching system: no setup required. Mute function: short click the transmitter's POWER button when you want to stop playing for a short time. Cable Tone simulation
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