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Martin T1UKE-01FSC Tenor Ukulele w/ Bag "Marley"

Sale price$459.00 USD


Experience Premium Tone and Affordability with the Martin T1UKE-01FSC Tenor Ukulele at Terry Carter Music Store

* NOTE - You will receive the Martin in the PHOTOS

Step into the world of harmonious melodies and embrace the joyful rhythm of the Martin T1UKE-01FSC Tenor Ukulele, available exclusively at Terry Carter Music Store. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this exquisite instrument is designed for musicians seeking the perfect blend of tone and affordability. As a discerning player, you deserve nothing less than the premium sound and environmentally friendly craftsmanship that this ukulele offers.

Crafted from 100% FSC® Woods for Responsible Sustainability and Superior Sound

The T1UKE-01FSC Tenor Ukulele boasts a solid construction made entirely from 100% FSC® woods, ensuring that each strum resonates with a harmonious depth. Its sapele top, back, and sides, combined with an ebony fingerboard and bridge, produce a rich and resonant sound that captivates both the player and the audience.

The responsibly sourced wood used in this ukulele gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are contributing to the preservation of our planet while creating beautiful music.

Unmatched Stability and Tuning Accuracy with Applied Dovetail Sipo Neck and Ratio® Tuners

To enhance stability and durability, Martin has incorporated an applied dovetail sipo neck into the design of this exceptional instrument. This thoughtful addition guarantees that your ukulele will stand the test of time, supporting your artistic journey for years to come.

Additionally, with the inclusion of Ratio® tuners, a remarkable feature exclusive to Martin ukes, you can effortlessly achieve perfect tuning accuracy, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your musical expression.

Set the Right Tone for the Planet with a Striking Blue Gig Bag Made from Recycled Plastic

Beyond its superior craftsmanship and stunning tonal qualities, the T1UKE-01FSC Tenor Ukulele also champions sustainability in every aspect. Its satin finish provides a tasteful shine, while the eye-catching blue gig bag it comes with is made from recycled plastic water bottles that were painstakingly recovered from the depths of the ocean.

This ukulele proudly meets the Global Recycled Standard, empowering you to make a positive impact on the environment while creating enchanting melodies.


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