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Laney MINI-STB-LION 3W Battery-Powered Combo Amp with Bluetooth

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Unleash the Lionheart Tone Anywhere

From the bedroom to backstage, the Laney MINI-STB-LION Combo Amp delivers Lionheart’s tone in a compact, travel-friendly package. This bite-size amp lets you express progressions, riffs, and solos with the spirit of Laney’s legitimate Lionheart tube amp just about anywhere. Whether you're in a dorm, apartment, or practice space, this amp is your perfect companion.

Powerful and Portable Sound

The Mini-STB-Lion, powered by six AA batteries, supplies 6-watt power through two 3-inch full-range drivers. With independent Gain, Tone, Drive Level, and Volume controls, you can shape your sound precisely. The tape Delay emulation effect adds a unique echo, enhancing your overall playing experience. This amp is designed for guitarists who value both power and portability.

Practice and Play Anywhere

The Mini-STB-Lion features headphone and Aux jacks for quiet practice and easy MP3 track play-along. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless usage with compatible devices, making it versatile for different environments. The Laney Smartphone Insert (LSI) connection integrates sounds from tone generator apps like Tonebridge, ensuring high-quality sound output.

Exceptional Value and Extras

Included with the Laney Mini-STB-Lion is a free 3-month subscription to Ultimate Guitar. This bonus gives you access to an extensive library of tabs and learning resources, enhancing your playing journey. Experience the lion’s share of tone and practice flexibility with the Laney Mini-STB-Lion Combo Amp.


  • Ultra-compact version of Laney’s exceptional Lionheart tube amplifier
  • Travel- and practice-friendly for desktop usage and in green rooms, dorms, apartments, bedrooms, and more
  • 6-watt power delivered by 6 AA batteries and 2 x 3-inch full-range drivers
  • 2-channel Clean/Drive operation with devoted Gain, Tone, Drive Level, and Volume controls
  • Tape Delay emulation adds a unique echo to your FX section
  • Headphone and Aux jacks provide quiet practicing and easy MP3 track play-along, respectively
  • Enabled Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless usage with compatible devices
  • LSI connection enables the usage of tone generator applications such as Tonebridge
  • Includes a 3-month free subscription to Ultimate Guitar
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