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Laney LA-STUDIO SuperGroup Tube Amp

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Discover the Legend: Laney LA-STUDIO SuperGroup Amp

Are you ready to unleash the power of legendary tone in a compact studio format? Introducing the Laney LA-STUDIO SuperGroup Amp, a fusion of vintage mojo and cutting-edge technology. Imagine yourself immersed in the iconic sound of the infamous 1967 Laney SUPERGROUP amplifier, now reimagined with modern flair and convenience.

Revolutionary Design: Real Tubes, Digital Convenience

Crafted to perfection, the LA-STUDIO boasts a 3W or <0.1 Watt power option, loaded with a full Two Note Torpedo module for unparalleled versatility. With 3 ECC83 Large Plate preamp tubes and a 12BH7 Power Tube, this amp delivers authentic tube warmth and dynamics.

But here's the twist: it seamlessly integrates digital convenience with real tube power, thanks to its Impulse Response loaded design. You get the best of both worlds - real hot tubes, real hot tone, and real feel, all in a digital plugin format.

Unleash Your Creativity: Silent Operation, Explosive Performance

Step into a world of endless possibilities with the LA-STUDIO's integrated Two Notes Torpedo and emulated DI out. Experience silent operation with the high-quality reactive load, perfect for late-night jam sessions or studio recording without disturbing the neighbors.

Plus, with the brake switch engaged, you can reduce the output from 3W RMS to 0.1W RMS, ensuring low volume without compromising on tone. It's time to ignite your passion for music with the Laney LA-STUDIO SuperGroup Amp.

*Check Photos for a more detailed list of the Specifications


  • Low Power Class AB Tube power stage
  • Integrated Two Notes Torpedo, Emulated DI out
  • Integrated high quality reactive load for silent cabinet free operation.
  • Equipped with a brake switch. When engaged, the Brake reduces the output from 3W RMS to 0.1W RMS. Low volume without
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