KoAloha ABS Concert Ukulele Case

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KoAloha ABS Concert Ukulele Case

These will be the last of the KoAloha ABS Cases. They are moving to a new case in 2021 and these will then be a collectors item.

These are not easy to get. KoAloha doesn't always have them in stock and when they do have them in stock they don't sell them anywhere but at the KoAloha Factory in Honolulu.

Even as a KoAloha Artist and Dealer I'm not able to get these cases...EXCEPT NOW.

I was able to get a very small amount of KoAloha ABS Black Ukulele Cases.

They are super cool with black ABS, light grey plush interior, strap, and of course the KoAloha name on it.

These cases do come with a strap.

I have just a few Soprano, Concert, Concert Longneck and Tenor KoAloha ABS cases. 

They will not last long. Make sure to finish off your KoAloha Ukulele with a Genuine KoAloha Ukulele Case.

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