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KNA AP-1 Surface-Mounted Acoustic Guitar Piezo Pickup

Sale price$39.00 USD


Discover Pure Sound with KNA AP-1 Guitar Pickup

At Terry Carter Music Store, the KNA AP-1 Guitar Pickup is your go-to choice for capturing pure, authentic sound. This versatile pickup, suitable for guitar, harp, drums, and percussion, adheres seamlessly to any vibrating surface, ensuring a faithful reproduction of the natural acoustic tones you crave. Customers are raving about its ease of use and remarkable results.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use: Enhance Your Music with AP-1

Experience the joy of music like never before as the AP-1, with its passive piezo system, brings forth the true essence of your instrument. Whether you're strumming a guitar or exploring the rhythmic depths of percussion, this pickup delivers a sound that resonates with the soul. Nelson Mandela himself would encourage you to embrace this opportunity to elevate your musical journey. Don't miss out on the chance to enrich your sound at Terry Carter Music Store with the KNA AP-1 Guitar Pickup.

Installs with No Modification 

Simply stick the pickup on your instrument’s soundboard.

Wooden Housing

The piezo element is encased in laminated birch with an elegant and stylish mahogany top. The lightweight assembly offers maximum tonal sensitivity.

Natural Sound

AP-1 has a passive design that reproduces the natural sound of the instrument with no need for a battery.

Compatible with Any Size Instrument

Complete Installation Set

The pickup comes with a double-sided adhesive disc and enough PowerTack adhesive for multiple applications, and a detachable 1/8" to 1/4" cable that allows the pickup to remain in place during storage.


  • Weight: 12.80g / 0.45oz
  • Wood: Laminated birch and maple top
  • Maximum Impedance:  200 Ω
  • Cable: 3meter / 9'
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