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KAT KTMP1 Electronic Drum & Percussion Pad Sound Module

Sale price$119.99 USD


Unlock Your Potential with KAT KTMP1 Electronic Drum Pad

Discover the ultimate solution to amplify your drumming experience at Terry Carter Music Store. The KAT KTMP1 Electronic Drum Pad offers seamless integration into any setup, whether you prefer using sticks or your bare hands. With 50 dynamic, fully-customizable sounds, it transforms your performance into a symphony of beats and rhythms.

Limitless Creativity at Your Fingertips

Craft your signature sound with precision using the KTMP1's intuitive controls. Tune, pan, and assign sounds effortlessly to the four responsive pads, unleashing your creativity with each tap. Fine-tune reverb, sensitivity, and level control to sculpt your audio landscape exactly how you envision it.

Versatility Redefined

Experience the power of versatility as the KAT KTMP1 seamlessly blends into any musical environment. Elevate your drum set, percussion rig, or DJ setup with its compact design and unparalleled sound quality. From live performances to studio sessions, this electronic drum pad is your go-to tool for unleashing your musical genius.

Unleash Your Inner Drummer

Embrace the rhythm and let your beats soar with the KAT KTMP1. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your musical journey, this electronic drum pad empowers you to express yourself like never before. Elevate your performances and ignite the stage with the boundless potential of the KTMP1.


  • Compact and affordable electronic drum and percussion instrument
  • Four velocity-sensitive pads
  • 50 high-quality drum and percussion sounds
  • Two additional inputs for hi-hat controller pedal and bass drum trigger
  • USB/MIDI Connectivity
  • ¼" main outputs and ⅛" stereo headphone jack
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