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K-Stand "Maui Hook" Premium Tenor Ukulele Stand Uke Like The Pros Model Limited Edition

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K-Stand Tenor Ukulele Stand - Uke Like The Pros Model

Uke Like The Pros presents the K-Stand Tenor Ukulele Stand. These stands are not only solid and supportive but also portable and unique. Furthermore, each stand has the Uke Like The Pros logo on them, ensuring quality.

The Maui Hook Stand: A Unique and Secure Option

Tsutomu introduces "The Maui Hook" stand, a K-Stand Instrument Stand designed to cradle your instrument securely. Also, the arm is shaped like the Maui Hook, with rounded edges that give a softer appearance. Additionally, this stand is named after the designer's father, Richard Tsutomu Kimura, and is created in his memory.

The Tenor Ukulele "Maui Hook" Stand: Perfect Fit and Easy to Store

The Tenor Ukulele "Maui Hook" Stand is a 12-inch high K-Stand wooden folding instrument stand designed to fit Tenor Ukuleles and Tenor Ukulele Gig Bags. Its holding arm has a depth of 3.75 inches, making it suitable for most Tenor Ukuleles.

Easy Storage and Protection for Your Ukulele

The thin, flat design of the K-Stand allows it to fit neatly inside a Gig Bag for easy storage and travel. To protect your instrument's finish while the K-Stand is in the case, it comes with a soft pouch included

A Unique Design with a Special Meaning

The Maui Hook Stand not only has a unique design but also has a special meaning behind it. It is a tribute to the designer's father and his roots in Maui, Hawaii, making it a special addition to any ukulele player's collection.


  • Maui Hook Design
  • Fits Tenor Ukuleles
  • Birch Plywood
  • 12 Inches Tall
  • 3.75 Inches Arm Depth
  • Cloth Gig Bag
  • Custom Engraved Uke Like The Pros Logo


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