K-Stand Premium Tenor Ukulele Stand Uke Like The Pros Model Limited Edition

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K-Stand Premium Tenor Ukulele Stand Limited Edition Uke Like The Pros Model

I'm so excited for the partnership between Keith and Carol Kimura of K-Stand and Uke Like The Pros.

These are the nicest ukulele stands that I have ever seen. They are solid, supportive, portable, unique, and of course have the Uke Like The Pros logo on them.

The Tenor Ukulele Stand is a 12 inch high K-Stand wooden folding instrument stand is sized to fit Tenor Ukuleles and Tenor Ukulele Gig Bags. The holding arm has a depth of 3.7 Inches to fit the bases of most Tenor Ukuleles.

The thin flat design allows the K-Stand to fit neatly inside a Gig Bag for easy storage and travel and instantly transforms into a sturdy support.

Included with the stand is a soft pouch to protect your instrument’s finish while the K-Stand is in the case. 


  • Fits Tenor Ukuleles
  • Birch Plywood
  • 12 Inches Tall
  • 3.7 Inches Arm Depth
  • Cloth Gig Bag
  • Custom Engraved Uke Like The Pros Logo


  1. Free Month Premium Membership at ukelikethepros.com ($29.95 Value)
  2. Free Soft Pouch Carrying Case ($20 Value)
  3. Free Surprise Case “Candy” Included with Every Order
  4. Free Uke Like The Pros Sticker
  5. Usually Ships in 1-2 Days, Sometimes Same Day
  6. Will Ship Fully Insured Anywhere In The World.
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