Hohner Special 20 Progressive Harmonica - Key of E

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Hohner Special 20 Progressive Harmonica - Key of E

* Key of E

Introducing the Special 20 harmonica: an exceptional, melodious instrument that embodies a groundbreaking concept. This remarkable diatonic harmonica pioneered the integration of reed plates recessed into the comb, resulting in a unique plastic mouthpiece that extends outward. Not only does this innovative design enhance comfort during play, but it has also become the most imitated harmonica style worldwide.

With its distinctively captivating sound, the Special 20 harmonica proves to be a versatile choice, fitting effortlessly into various musical genres such as Folk, Country, Rock, and Pop. Whether you are a professional harpist in search of a harmonica that meets all your requirements or a novice seeking an accessible instrument at an affordable price, the Special 20 is the perfect match.

Combining a smooth playability that facilitates beginners' progress and a price point that doesn't break the bank, the Special 20 harmonica serves as an ideal introductory instrument. However, its excellence extends far beyond the initial learning stages. If you aspire to embark on a lifelong musical journey with a faithful companion, look no further than the Special 20 harmonica—it is undeniably your ultimate choice.

About Hohner:

In 1857, Matthias Hohner established Hohner in Trossingen, Germany, marking the humble beginnings of this renowned family business. Right from the start, Hohner garnered praise for its meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to achieving excellence. Presently, Hohner stands as a leading brand in the harmonica industry, with its products being readily available across the globe.

Hohner harmonicas create resounding melodies in a multitude of settings. Whether it's the lively streets where buskers effortlessly captivate passersby, the cozy atmosphere of nightclubs, or the grand stages of festivals and esteemed venues like Carnegie Hall, Hohner harmonicas make their presence felt. While Hohner offers a wide variety of harmonicas tailored to different music genres, it is their simple, 10-hole diatonic models that have garnered widespread acclaim


  • Tuned to key of E
  • Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 0.9 mm
  • Reed plates (surface): brass
  • Reeds (number, material): 20, brass
  • Comb (material, color): ABS, black
  • Comb (finish): ABS
  • Mouthpiece (surface): ABS
  • Cover plates: stainless steel
  • Type: diatonic
  • Tuning: Richter/Country (Country just in F#, F, E, Eb, D, Db, C, B(H), Bb, A, Ab, G)
  • Number of holes: 10
  • Length: 10.2 cm / 4.0"

* NOTE - For Health and Safety concerns, Harmonicas are non-returnable *

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