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Hohner Hohnica 44 Key Student XII Piano Accordion - Black

Sale price$719.00 USD


Discover the Vibrant Sound of the Hohner Hohnica Student XII Piano Accordion at Terry Carter Music Store

Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! Embark on an exhilarating musical journey with the Hohner Hohnica Student XII Piano Accordion, available at Terry Carter Music Store. Experience the thrill of a new chapter in your musical exploration.

Unlock the gateway to a captivating symphony of notes with the Hohner 44 Key Student XII Piano Accordion, tailored for aspiring students and music creators. 

Unleash Your Melodic Potential with 26 Treble Keys and 18 Bass Buttons

Firstly, with 26 treble keys at your disposal, you'll be dancing across melodies with the grace of a gazelle, effortlessly weaving tales of joy and passion. And when it's time to lay down the foundation of your harmonious masterpiece, the 18 bass buttons of this accordion offer a solid rhythm that's as dependable as a steadfast friend.

Moreover, the Hohner 44 Key Student XII Piano Accordion is your canvas, and with its F-G range, you're free to paint your musical masterpiece across a spectrum of emotions.

Complete Your Musical Journey with Included Straps and Gig Bag

Secondly, this accordion comes complete with comfortable straps that will keep you grooving for hours, and a gig bag to protect your musical companion on all your journeys.

So, don't wait any longer! Let the Hohner Hohnica Student XII Piano Accordion be the soundtrack to your musical odyssey. At Terry Carter Music Store, we're excited to join your musical journey, where this accordion holds limitless melodic potential.


  • 26 Treble Keys
  • 18 Bass Buttons
  • Range: F-G
  • Comes with Straps
  • Comes with Carrying Bag
  • Made in Germany
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