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Enya X4 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar - Black

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Sale price$699.99 USD Regular price$839.99 USD


Discover the Unique Sound of Enya Carbon X4

* NOTE - You will receive a SIMILAR Enya as the PHOTOS

Step into a new sound experience with the Enya Carbon X4 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar. This guitar sets itself apart with its offset sound hole, which is positioned to send clear, vibrant sound right back to you as you play. This unique feature also helps enhance the guitar’s mid-range tones, making your music sound fuller to both you and your audience. 

Tough and Timeless Design

The Enya Carbon X4 is built to last. Made entirely of carbon fiber, this guitar is more resistant to dings, temperature changes, and humidity than traditional wood guitars. Its sleek black finish and gloss top also add a touch of style to its durable design.

Enhanced Sound with Built-in Effects

The Enya Carbon X4 comes with the AcousticPlus® pickup system. This innovative feature uses the guitar's own vibrations to create natural chorus and reverb effects. That means you can enjoy a richer sound without needing any external equipment. 

Ready to Play the Enya Carbon X4

When you pick up the Enya Carbon X4, you’re all set to start playing. It comes with a protective hardshell case, a comfortable leather strap, and all the cables you need. This guitar doesn’t just sound great—it’s also equipped with everything you need to make music wherever you go. If you’re looking for a guitar that sounds amazing, lasts long, and inspires your musical journey, check out the Enya Carbon X4 at Terry Carter Music Store.


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