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Electro-Harmonix Silencer Noise Gate & Effects Loop Pedal

Sale price$80.70 USD


Precision Noise Control: Meet the Electro-Harmonix Silencer Pedal

Introducing the Electro-Harmonix Silencer Pedal, a sophisticated noise gate designed to refine your sound effortlessly. Whether it's taming a single pedal or an entire effects loop, the Silencer offers unparalleled precision and control. With its three-control layout, you can fine-tune settings to perfectly complement your system, guitar, and playing style.

Fine-Tune Your Sound: Three-Control Layout for Ultimate Control

The Threshold knob lets you adjust the level required to activate the noise gate, ensuring seamless signal passage. Meanwhile, the Reduction control regulates the degree of signal reduction, offering a range from -70dB to +4dB for tailored sound shaping. Additionally, the Release knob determines how long the gate stays open after the signal drops below the threshold, with a variable range from 8ms to 4 seconds.

Seamless Integration: Buffered Bypass and Built-In AC Jack Included

Equipped with ¼ inch Input, Output, Send, and Return jacks, the Silencer seamlessly integrates into your setup. Its footswitch enables easy engagement or bypass, while the buffered bypass ensures your effects loop remains intact when the gate is disengaged. Plus, with a built-in AC jack compatible with standard power supplies like the EHX 9.6DC unit (optional) and included 9V battery, convenience meets performance at Terry Carter Music Store.


  • Three controls for precise fine-tuning
  • Use it as an inline noise gate or to gate an entire effects loop
  • Delivers up to -70dB of noise reduction
  • Features 8ms to 4 seconds of release time
  • Buffered bypass
  • Compact design, rugged chassis
  • Equipped with a 9V battery and accepts a standard EHX 9.6DC/200 AC Adaptor (optional)
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