Dunlop DUQ303 Tenor Ukulele Strings G-C-E-A with HIGH G

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Dunlop DUQ303 Tenor Ukulele Strings G-C-E-A with HIGH G

Dunlop Ukulele Strings sound clear, moving, and expressive. The proprietary VSD-7™ Polymer provides remarkable tuning stability with a sensitivity to touch that communicates every nuance.

Concert Ukulele Strings G-C-E-A with HIGH G

  • .023 (A String)
  • .031 (E String)
  • .034 (C String)
  • .026 (G String) - HIGH G

Inside each pack of Dunlop Strings is more than 50 years of deep knowledge and experience gained from working with guitar players to further their playing experience.

Made in the USA.

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