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Dunlop 63CBK Trigger Fly Curved Guitar Capo - Black

Sale price$19.99 USD


Enhanced Performance: Introducing Dunlop 63CBK Trigger Fly Capo

Introducing the Dunlop 663CBK Trigger Fly Capo, the evolution of a beloved classic! Enhanced with improved handling and tuning stability, this capo promises a seamless playing experience. Its ergonomic grip ensures comfort during extended use, while the custom spring mechanism provides balanced pressure for effortless placement and accurate intonation across the neck, even on the 7th fret of most acoustics.

The optimized fret pad guarantees clear and smooth chord transitions and single-note articulation, delivering a harmonious and expressive sound in every performance. Elevate your playing with this precision-engineered capo designed for ultimate musicality.

Effortless Placement and Perfect Intonation - Play Like a Pro

Get ready to take your music to new heights with the Dunlop 63CBK Trigger Fly Capo. Embracing the beloved design of its predecessor, this capo has been refined for superior handling and tuning stability, promising an exceptional playing experience.

Ergonomic Design and Precision: Your Ultimate Capo Solution

The ergonomic grip ensures maximum comfort, and the specially engineered spring mechanism facilitates easy and precise positioning up and down the neck, even reaching the 7th fret on most acoustics. Embrace smooth, crystal-clear tones with the optimized fret pad that enhances chords and single-note articulation. Unleash your musical potential and explore the boundless creativity this capo unlocks for your guitar performances.


  • Loud Sustain: Specially engineered allow enhances volume, clarity and sustain
  • Stay in Tune: Excellent intonation up and down the neck thanks to a custom-engineered spring mechanism
  • Full & Clear: Proprietary rubber pad ensures that chords right out with clarity and fullness
  • Easy to Use: Modern ergonomics and comfortable tension make changing keys quick and easy
  • Ergonomic shape and padded handle make fret positioning easy
  • The strong spring action clamps it firmly in place
  • Made in the USA
  • For 6 and 12 string guitars
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