D'Addario Duralin Standard Guitar Picks Super Light .50mm - 10 Pack

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D'Addario Duralin Guitar Picks picks are ideal for acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, and speedy single-note runs. Their durability makes them an excellent choice for musicians who want to achieve a bright, defined sound that lasts. With Duralin picks, guitarists can play with greater precision, allowing them to bring out the full potential of their instruments.

Duralin (Acetyl/Delrin) is an exceptional material with unmatched strength, stiffness, stability, fatigue resistance, and low friction. As a highly durable polymer, Duralin is often used in industrial settings as a substitute for metal bushings and bearings. However, it also makes for excellent picks that enable guitarists to emphasize the crisp clicking noise that occurs when they strike the strings.

Specifications - D'Addario Duralin Guitar Picks:

  • Gauge: .50mm Super Light
  • 10 Pack
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