D'Addario EJ65T Clear Nylon Ukulele Strings Tenor HIGH G

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D'Addario EJ65T Clear Nylon Ukulele Strings Tenor HIGH G

D'Addario EJ65TLG Clear Nylon Tenor Low-G Ukulele sets are designed for usage on tenor ukuleles. The 4th string is a silver-plated copper wound on nylon and complemented by 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pro-Arté Custom Extruded clear nylon strings.

  • Optimized for Tenor Ukuleles tuned to Low G tuning
  • Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Nylon for highly accurate, laser sorted treble strings .
  • Tenor Ukulele, Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Clear Nylon, Non-Ball End
  • String Gauges: Nylon .0285, .0327, .041, Silver Plated Copper .029
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance .

Each Custom Extruded Nylon sets are manufactured on D’Addario’s own advanced monofilament extrusion line built exclusively for the production of musical instrument strings. Each set features our exclusive laser sorted Pro-Arté clear nylon trebles for unsurpassed intonation with a warm, projecting acoustic tone.

Tension Chart

    Diameter         Tension    
Note Inches mm lbs kg
A 0.0285 0.0000 13.180 5.983
E 0.0327 0.0000 9.590 4.353
C 0.0410 0.0000 9.340 4.240
G 0.0290 0.7366 11.010 4.998
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