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D'Addario EJ53T Black Nylon Ukulele Strings Tenor High G - Wound C

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D'Addario EJ53T Black Nylon Ukulele Strings Tenor High G - Wound C

These Black Nylon Strings have:

  • High G
  • Wound C

D'Addario EJ53T Black Nylon Ukulele Strings Tenor High G sets are designed for use with Hawaiian Tenor ukuleles. The 3rd string is a wound aluminum string complimented by a 1st, 2nd and 4th unwound string made from our warmest sounding black nylon. This set is optimized for standard GCEA tuning.

  • Optimized for Tenor Ukuleles tuned to standard G-C-E-A tuning
  • Black precision rectified nylon ensuring that the roundness and dimension control of each string are unsurpassed
  • Preferred for their warm and long lasting tone
  • Tenor Ukulele, Black Nylon, Aluminum Wound, Non-Ball End
  • D'Addario EJ53T Pro-Arté Rectified Ukulele Strings, Tenor
  • String Gauges: Black Nylon .028, .036, .032 Aluminum .036

The original ukulele offering from D’Addario, each black nylon string is carefully center-less ground to an ultra-smooth, ultra-precise final diameter for excellent feel and unparalleled intonation with a warm, long lasting acoustic tone.

Tension Chart

    Diameter         Tension    
Note Inches mm lbs kg
A 0.0280 0.7112 13.300 6.038
E 0.0360 0.9144 10.600 4.812
C 0.0360 0.9144 11.900 5.402
G 0.0320 0.8128 12.800 5.811
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