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Blackstar 20ft Microphone Cable

Sale price$32.99 USD


Blackstar 20ft Microphone Cable

These cables have undergone benchmarking against the highest quality cables in the market, resulting in the creation of a cable that provides an uncompromised signal path and delivers the ultimate in Blackstar tone. Blackstar 20ft Microphone Cables are characterized by their high-quality braided shielding, which imparts greater durability and superior electrical insulation compared to the standard spiral shielding commonly found in most low to mid-level cables. The internal construction of our cables has also been modified to maintain softness and flexibility, even with the braided shielding in place.

Furthermore, Blackstar cables feature PVC jackets, ensuring excellent flexibility and helping to reduce cable tangling. They also include a shield ring to minimize capacitance and mitigate microphonic effects.

The Standard and Pro Series instrument cables, as well as the XLR cables, are available in lengths of 1.5m, 3m, and 6m. The Pro Series instrument cables stand out with their copper connectors, a superior conductive material compared to gold, and a construction that enhances signal transfer reliability.

In addition to these features, all Blackstar cables are packaged sustainably, using fully recyclable materials to reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, each cable comes with a complimentary hook and loop cable wrap for convenient cable management.


  • Connectors: Heavy duty XLR connectors with gold-plated pins
  • Conductors: 24AWG 99.95% OFC dual-core conductors
  • Jacket: Premium matte black PVC jacket
  • Shielding: Braided copper and foil shielding for optimum signal transfer
  • Packaging made from 100% recyclable material
  • Hook + loop cable wrap included
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