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Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle Songbook PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS

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Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle Songbook PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS | Uke Like The Pros

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS wanting to learn Fingestyle Ukulele.

Written by Terry Carter

  • Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Pages: 46

Welcome to the Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle Songbook for ukulele. This is a perfect songbook for the beginning ukulele player interested in exploring the world of finger style ukulele. I’m excited that you are here, and I cannot wait to for you to get started with playing fingerstyle ukulele.

A complete video companion course with step-by-step videos and backing tracks is available by Uke Like The Pros (purchased separately).

The goal of the Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle Songbook is to introduce fingerstyle ukulele playing, and to teach you the finger picking techniques and styles needed for you to move on and play more advanced finger style pieces. I’m not going to go through various pop songs and show you how to play them, but rather give you the tools and techniques needed to learn on your own to fingerpick any song you want.

The Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle Songbook works well for the beginning fingerstyle ukulele player or the player who is ready to break out of just strumming songs and is ready to challenge themselves and boost their skill level. This book will also serve as a great warmup for my follow-up book, Ukulele Fingerstyle Mastery, which is also available here on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. The Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle Songbook is a curriculum based, step-by-step book, where each lesson builds your skills one technique at a time.

My personal goal is to give you the skills you need to then tackle the pieces in my Ukulele Fingerstyle Mastery book. Because the ukulele is such a great worldwide community-based instrument, I want you to track your progress on the Uke Like The Pros Forum. Here is what to expect: You will become proficient in 7 of the most commonly used fingerstyle patterns used in ukulele playing. With each fingerstyle pattern, I will introduce 2 separate lessons. The first lesson will be a warm-up exercise where I introduce the finger style pattern and then have you practice it over a very simple 2-chord progression. This way you can focus on learning and memorizing the finger style pattern and not have to worry about switching chords, YET. The second lesson of each finger style pattern will be an original song I wrote just for you, not only to continue to master the finger style pattern, but to have you apply that pattern to different chords so you actually play a song that sounds cool and will make people turn their heads when you are playing it.

I will also intermesh the book with different tips and concepts related to finger style ukulele, such as the rest stroke vs. the free stroke. I wrote the Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle book on High ”G” ukulele, but you can use any soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele with either high “G” or low “G”. This is what I need from you. Make the decision right now that you will stay committed every day until you get through every piece in this book. That means you will set aside some time, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, to practice these exercises and songs. You will only improve and get better with the daily discipline. I realize life it busy with work, families, emergencies, and other unexpected things, but decide right now that no matter what, even if you must get up early or go to bed last, that you will practice. I promise the rewards without outweigh any pain or difficulties you might have to practicing and growing.

I’m really excited for you to become a great ukulele finger picker with the Beginning Ukulele Fingerstyle Songbook.

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