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Stagg Bb Baritone Horn - 3 Rotary Valves

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Unveiling the Stagg Bb Baritone Horn

Welcome to Terry Carter Music Store, where we introduce the Stagg Bb Baritone Horn, a brass masterpiece for your musical journey.

Firstly, we proudly present the Stagg Bb Baritone Horn, blending exquisite craftsmanship with cutting-edge design. Crafted with precision, this instrument boasts a clear lacquered finish, showcasing its timeless elegance.

This baritone horn, tuned to the key of Bb, harmonizes seamlessly in various musical genres. The three rotary valves, coupled with a ball joints mechanism, ensure smooth transitions and precise control, empowering musicians to explore diverse musical landscapes.

The Harmonious Fusion of Craftsmanship

Secondly, immerse yourself in the artistry of the Stagg Bb Baritone Horn. Its brass body, complemented by gold brass leadpipe and nickel silver outer slides, delivers a rich and resonant tone. The 25.5 cm (10.04") brass bell, combined with a 13 mm (0.51") bore, emits a sound that captivates both players and listeners alike.

The inclusion of a water key and a silver-plated mouthpiece enhances the playability and maintenance of this magnificent instrument. As a result, musicians experience an unparalleled blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Portability and Protection: Your Musical Companion

Finally, to cater to the modern musician's lifestyle, the Baritone Horn comes complete with a soft case featuring backpack straps. Weighing in at a mere 2.34 kg (5.15 lb), this instrument effortlessly accompanies you on your musical journey.

Terry Carter Music Store ensures that every detail, from the instrument's finish to its ergonomic design, aligns seamlessly with your musical aspirations. Therefore, the Stagg Bb Baritone Horn stands as a testament to our commitment to providing quality instruments for passionate musicians.


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