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Audix AP62 C2BP Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System

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Unmatched Versatility and Performance

The Audix AP62 C2BP Microphone System, available at Terry Carter Music Store, offers unparalleled versatility and performance for discerning professionals.

This wireless system features the renowned Audix OM2 handheld transmitter, complemented by the B60 bodypack for lavalier or headset microphones. With slight bass proximity, a tailored mid-range, and full-bodied sound, the OM2 is optimized for small to mid-size PA systems. Its excellent isolation, feedback rejection, and ability to handle high sound pressure levels make it a stage workhorse.

Reliable and Durable Design

This professional-grade system includes a single space rackmount kit with BNC cables for front mounting antennas. Optional accessories, like active directional antennas and an antenna distribution system for up to four systems, enhance flexibility.

Operating in the 522 MHz – 586 MHz frequency range, the R62 Two-Channel True Diversity Receiver offers 2560 tunable frequencies and one-touch auto-scan for clear channels. Infrared beam syncing ensures a seamless connection between the transmitter and receiver.

Built for Extended Use

Both the B60 bodypack and H60 OM2 handheld transmitters boast 64 MHz wide spectrum transmitters and durable metal housings, ensuring longevity and reliability. Powered by AA batteries, they offer an impressive 14-hour run time, ideal for extended performances. The Audix AP62 C2BP Microphone System delivers the professional quality and durability you need for flawless sound in any setting.

Frequency Range: 522 MHz – 586 MHz


R62 Two-Channel True Diversity Receiver

  • 64 MHz Wide spectrum tuning receiver
  • 2560 Tunable frequencies
  • One-touch auto scan searches for clear channel
  • One-touch sync links transmitter to the receiver via infrared beam

B60 Bodypack Transmitter:

  • 64 MHz Wide spectrum transmitter
  • Durable metal housing
  • 14 Hour run time – AA batteries

H60 OM2 Handheld Transmitter

  • 64 MHz Wide spectrum transmitter with OM2 dynamic capsule module
  • Durable metal housing
  • 14 Hour run time – AA batteries
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