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Audix AP42 C210A Wireless Microphone System

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Versatile Dual-Channel Masterpiece

Discover the power and flexibility of the Audix AP42 C210A Wireless Microphone System. This dual-channel system, combining the OM2 handheld transmitter and ADX10 cardioid lavalier, offers unmatched versatility. Perfect for presentations, meetings, and events, it ensures the lead speaker maintains control while allowing the handheld mic to circulate. This system's efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it a must-have for any professional setting.

Advanced Features for Seamless Performance

The Audix AP42 C210A excels with its R42 Two Channel Diversity Receiver. It features 32 MHz wide spectrum tuning, 106 pre-coordinated frequencies, and one-touch auto scan to find clear channels quickly. One-touch sync links the transmitter to the receiver via an infrared beam, simplifying setup. Additionally, the high-contrast LCD displays essential information such as RF and AF signal strength, group/channel/frequency, level/squelch, and battery level, ensuring seamless operation.

Unmatched Durability and Battery Life

Built to endure, the H60 OM2 Handheld Transmitter and B60 L10 Bodypack Transmitter feature durable metal housings. Each offers a 64 MHz wide spectrum transmitter and a 14-hour run time on AA batteries, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

The OM2 dynamic capsule module in the handheld transmitter ensures clear, powerful sound. Meanwhile, the ADX10 lavalier microphone in the bodypack transmitter provides hands-free convenience. Whether on stage or in the audience, the Audix AP42 C210A delivers reliable, high-quality audio.


  • One-touch sync via infrared
  • 32 MHz wide spectrum tuning
  • 106 pre-coordinated frequencies
  • Metal strain relief for power cable
  • One-touch scan eliminates inefficient manual tuning
  • Ground-lift switch helps eliminate ground loops or hum
  • Dual-channel receiver supports two wireless microphones
  • Incorporate up to eight systems to use 16 unique channels simultaneously
  • High-contrast LCD shows RF and AF signal strength, group/channel/frequency, level/squelch, battery level, and more
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