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Aquila 37C Perla Classical Guitar Normal Strings Set

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Aquila 37C Perla Classical Guitar Normal Strings Set

  • Full Set of 6 Strings
  • Tension: Medium
  • Bass Set Material: Silver Plated
  • Treble Set Material: Mixed Material


Aquila Perla Classical Guitar Strings - 37C - Normal Tension, Full Set
These Classical Guitar Strings feature smooth, opaque monofilament Bionylon trebles with silver-plated copper over Nylgut multifilament basses.
Item # Note Gauge (in.) Tension (lbs.) Material
PERLA_NT01 E/1st 17.2 Bionylon
PERLA_NT02 B/2nd 13.01 Bionylon
PERLA_NT03 G/3rd 13.35 Bionylon
PERLA_NT04 D/4th 16.31 silverplated wound
PERLA_NT05 A/5th 18.74 silverplated wound
PERLA_NT06 E/6th 14.55 silverplated wound

Hand-Crafted In Italy

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