Aquila 116U Lava Series Ukulele Strings Baritone DGBE Tuning (High D)

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Aquila 116U Lava Series Ukulele Strings Baritone DGBE Tuning (High D) Full Set of Strings

*This set of Baritone Strings are for those that want to tune their Baritone Ukulele like a traditional soprano/concert/tenor ukulele in DGBE tuning

  • Full Set Of Strings For Baritone Ukulele with DGBE Tuning (High D)
  • For a Baritone Ukulele (19" scale length, 30" total length)Tuning: High D tuning, Same tuning used on Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukes, but designed to work on a Baritone Scale Length
  • Made from Aquila's Supernylgut Material
  • Colored Gray-black inspired by "Volcanic Rocks"
  • String Gauges, Tension: .62mm, 4.4Kg - .80mm, 3.8Kg - .95mm, 3.6Kg - .67mm, 4.1Kg

Hand-Crafted In Italy

  • Set / Baritone Ukulele 4-string D G B E - (high D) Tuning
  • All strings made of SUPER NYLGUT
  • Colour:grey-black withmother-of-pearl shimmer
  • Aquila LAVA SERIES for ukulele - A grey-black string coloured with a touch of mother-of-pearl inspired by "volcanic rocks".
  • Aquila's Lava Series, naturally inspired by volcano, an Hawaiian symbol of new life, is the respectful homage to the Hawaiian people who made the ukulele worldwide famous and share their happiness with thousand of people all around the world.
  • The Lava Series strings maintain the same identical mechanical and sound properties of Aquila's famous white-pearl Super Nylgut ukulele strings.
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