Aquila 21U New Nylgut Strings for Baritone Ukulele DGBE Tuning (Low D)

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Aquila 21U New Nylgut Strings for Baritone Ukulele DGBE Tuning (Low D) - WOUND D and G Strings

  • Full Set Of Strings For Baritone Ukulele with DGBE Tuning
  • WOUND Low D 4th String and WOUND G 3rd String

    Hand-Crafted In Italy

    The New Nylgut Series of ukulele strings by Aquila were developed by blending three different synthetic components to make a composite material that sounds better and stays in tune better than standard nylon strings, but with the feel and playability of genuine gut. An added feature of this exclusive composite material is that is was designed to absorb less moisture than other strings; which greatly improves intonation and tuning accuracy.

    The New Nylgut Ukulele strings have a density similar to gut, but provide an even more refined sound; eliminating the characteristic metallic-like tones often found in other synthetic designs. For the best sounding synthetic gut string for ukuleles, that still gives the player the feel of genuine gut, Aquila New Nylgut are the perfect choice!

    Key Features:

    • New Nylgut strings provide better sound than traditional Nylon or PVDF.
    • Designed to have excellent player feel and a sweet tone similar to that of genuine gut strings.
    • Proprietary composite material absorbs less moisture to assure tuning stability.
    • Accurately gauged strings of varying densities provides increased accuracy of fret-intonation.
    • For Baritone Ukulele - DGBE Tuning - with WOUND Low D and WOUND G String
    • Sold as a set of four strings
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