Zach Matari "Floating" on his Romero Creations RC-Dho6-CRW Guitar

The Magic of Zach Matari and Romero Creations RC-DHo6-CRW Guitar Unfolds at Terry Carter Music Store!

We were spellbound when the sensational Zach Matari performed his chart-topping hit, "Floating," in our store. And guess what? He played it on his new Romero Creations RC-DHo6-CRW Guitar, elevating the music to ethereal heights.

Romero Creations RC-Dho6-CRW Guitar

The Talent and Kindness of Zach Matari Captured Our Hearts

If you haven't yet experienced Zach Matari's music, you're in for an emotional journey. His talent is undeniable and his kindness is infectious.

A Star-Studded Journey

Zach Matari is not just any musician; he's shared the stage with luminaries like Ellie Goulding and Fetty Wap. It's clear that his star is rising, and we couldn't be happier to be part of his journey.

Why Zach Chose EMPIRE

Zach recently signed with EMPIRE, a music label that fully supports independent artists. After years of creating music on his own terms, Zach found a label that aligns with his personal values.

Romero Creations RC-Dho6-CRW Guitar

Music That Speaks to the Soul

Zach Matari’s recent single "Flip It" resonates deeply with today’s world. He wrote the song during the COVID-19 lockdown, turning adversity into a source of creative inspiration.

A Blend of Cultures in Every Note

Zach pays homage to his Palestinian and Brasilian roots through his unique sound. This blend of musical traditions is part of what makes his songs so captivating and groundbreaking.

Romero Creations RC-Dho6-CRW Guitar

A Viral Sensation: "Yalla"

With over 10 million TikTok views, "Yalla" broke the internet. Zach’s song serves as a powerful anthem, representing Arab culture in a way that resonates with global audiences.

A Voice for Representation

Beyond the infectious beats, Zach Matari's songs have a powerful message. Songs like "Lately" demand respect and representation for all, proving that Zach is more than just an entertainer; he's an advocate.

Romero Creations RC-Dho6-CRW Guitar

You Can Join The Magic

So, want to feel like Zach Matari for a day? His choice of guitar, the Romero Creations RC-DHo6-CRW Guitar, is a masterpiece itself. As a result, you can get your own Romero Creations RC-DHo6-CRW Guitar right here at Terry Carter Music Store!

Join the Journey of Self-Expression Through Music

Let's not just listen; let's play and be part of the ever-expanding world of music. There’s a spot for you, and it starts with the right instrument. For instance, imagine holding the same guitar Zach Matari played, feeling every string, and creating your own masterpiece.


The Call to Act is Now!

Don't miss the chance to own a Romero Creations RC-DHo6-CRW Guitar and maybe, just maybe, find your own inner Zach Matari. Trust us; this is an opportunity you don't want to pass up. So, what are you waiting for? Get your own Romero Creations RC-DHo6-CRW Guitar at Terry Carter Music Store today!

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