Fender Hammertone Time-Based Pedals

Introduction to Fender Hammertone Time-Based Pedals

Fender's Hammertone series includes impressive time-based pedals: the Delay, Space Delay, and Reverb. These compact, player-friendly pedals offer excellent sound and true bypass construction. Each pedal features top-mounted jacks for easy integration into any pedalboard setup. Built to withstand rigorous use, they promise durability and reliable performance.

Fender Hammertone Delay Pedal

Exploring the Hammertone Delay

The Hammertone Delay enhances your tone with up to 950 milliseconds of delay. It features three delay types: clean digital, warm analog, and crisp tape echo. Analog dry-through ensures your tone remains pure. The modulation switch adds lush, swirling effects to your sound. Controls include feedback, time, level, delay type switch, and internal trim pots for modulation rate and depth.

Fender Hammertone Space Delay Pedal

Space Delay: For Ambient Soundscapes

The Hammertone Space Delay excels in creating ambient soundscapes with analog-style saturation and tape warble. Its analog dry-through maintains tone integrity. Controls include feedback, time, level, and a pattern switch for three delay patterns. The modulation switch offers a swirling effect, adjustable via internal trim pots. This pedal is ideal for both subtle and expansive delay effects.

Fender Hammertone Reverb Pedal

Versatility of the Hammertone Reverb

The Hammertone Reverb offers three reverb types: hall, room, and plate. It also includes a tone switch to tame high frequencies for a natural mix. Controls consist of time, damp, level, type, and tone switch. Hall emulates large spaces, room mimics smaller spaces, and plate offers studio-quality reverb, perfect for ambient guitar tones.

High-Quality Sound and Durability

Each Hammertone pedal is crafted for both sound quality and durability. These pedals are built to last, making them suitable for stage, studio, or home use. The true bypass feature ensures no loss of tone when the pedals are disengaged, providing a clean, uninterrupted signal path.

Ideal for Any Setup

These pedals' compact design and top-mounted jacks make them ideal for any pedalboard setup. Whether used individually or combined, they add depth and dimension to your sound. Their versatility covers a wide range of genres and playing styles, enhancing any guitarist's toolkit.


Fender's Hammertone Delay, Space Delay, and Reverb pedals are essential for creating rich, time-based effects. Their robust construction and player-friendly features make them a valuable addition to any setup. For more information and to explore the entire Hammertone series, visit terrycartermusicstore.com.

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