Strumming in Harmony: Exploring PRS Electric and Acoustic Guitar Strings

PRS Electric and Acoustic Strings

Step into the world of sublime sound with Terry Carter Music Store, where strings weave melodies of unparalleled richness. Explore our collection of PRS Electric and Acoustic Strings, meticulously curated to enhance your musical journey. From the crisp tones of PRS Classic Electric Guitar Strings to the warmth of PRS Signature 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings, discover the perfect harmony for your instrument at our store.

PRS Classic Electric Guitar Strings

PRS Classic Electric Guitar Strings

Explore the time-tested excellence of PRS Classic Series Strings, endorsed by Paul Reed Smith himself. With a durable nickel-plated steel construction and a high-carbon steel core, these strings deliver vibrant tones that last. 

Trusted by musicians worldwide for over thirty years, PRS Classic Series Strings offer flexibility and longevity. Each set features a unique coiling pattern and comes in corrosion-free packaging to maintain freshness. Crafted in the USA, they're the perfect choice for any playing style.

PRS Signature 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Experience the balanced and vibrant tone of PRS Signature 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings. Crafted with a hex-shaped high-carbon steel core, these coated round wound strings offer longevity without compromising on tone quality. The light gauge set ensures ease of playability while delivering articulate and bright tones.

Coated for longevity, these strings are perfect for both flat-picking and fingerstyle playing. The 80/20 bronze composition guarantees a deep tone that beautifully complements the powerful voice of PRS acoustic guitars. Whether you're strumming chords or picking melodies, these strings deliver exceptional performance and durability. 

PRS Signature Electric Guitar Strings

PRS Signature Electric Guitar Strings

Discover the innovation behind PRS Signature Series Strings, boasting a proprietary alloy for amplified magnetic properties, resulting in a vibrant, resonant tone. Crafted with a hex-shaped, high-carbon steel core and nickel-plated steel, these strings promise durability and longevity.

Experience soldered ends that not only extend string life but also ensure consistent tuning, keeping your guitar in perfect harmony. Designed and manufactured in the USA, PRS Signature Series Strings come in corrosion-resistant packaging, preserving their freshness for prolonged use.

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