Schecter Omen Elite 8-String vs. 7-String


The Schecter Omen Elite series offers exceptional guitars for musicians seeking high-quality sound and craftsmanship. Choosing between a 7-string and an 8-string guitar is crucial. This comparison helps you decide which model suits your needs best.

Design and Build Quality

The Schecter Omen Elite 7-String features a mahogany body with a poplar figured burl top. Its thin C maple neck and rosewood fretboard ensure smooth playability.

The 8-String model shares these materials but boasts a multi-scale neck for extended range. Both guitars showcase excellent craftsmanship and a sleek black cherry burst finish. 

Sound and Tone 

The 7-String offers a versatile tonal range, perfect for metal, rock, and jazz. Its Heretic 7 humbuckers deliver rich, full-bodied sound.

The 8-String extends this versatility with added low-end depth, thanks to its multi-scale design. This model excels in genres requiring complex tonal textures.

Playability and Comfort

The 7-String's neck profile and 26.5" scale length provide comfortable playability for various styles.

The 8-String, with a 25.5"-27.5" scale, offers a unique playing experience, ideal for extended range techniques. Both models feature ergonomic designs, ensuring ease of play for different preferences.

Features and Electronics

The 7-String is equipped with Schecter Heretic 7 humbuckers, a master volume, and tone control, plus a 5-way blade switch.

The 8-String includes Diamond Heretic humbuckers and similar controls but with the added benefit of a Hipshot 8-string multi-scale bridge, enhancing stability and tuning. 

Suitability for Different Genres

The 7-String shines in metal, rock, and jazz, offering versatile performance across genres.

The 8-String adapts well to various music styles, including progressive metal and experimental genres. Your choice depends on your musical direction and style.

Price and Value

Priced at $549, the 7-String provides excellent value with its features and performance. The 8-String, at $799, offers extended capabilities and unique features, justifying the higher cost. Consider your budget and playing needs when choosing.

User Reviews and Feedback

Users praise the 7-String for its versatility and playability. The 8-String receives acclaim for its extended range and tonal capabilities. Common criticisms include the weight of the 8-String and the learning curve for multi-scale necks.


The 7-String offers versatility and comfort, making it ideal for various genres. The 8-String provides extended range and unique features, perfect for advanced players. Try both models to find your preference.

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