Romero Creations 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele

Unveiling Musical Harmony: Romero Creations 'Ekolu 3 String Tiny Tenor Ukulele at Terry Carter Music Store

In the realm of ukulele enchantment, the Romero Creations 'Ekolu 3 String Tiny Tenor Ukulele emerges as a musical gem, now available at Terry Carter Music Store. This 10th-anniversary model is a testament to innovation, blending tradition with modernity to create a unique melodic experience.

Romero Creations 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele

The 'Ekolu Tiny Tenor Uke: Big Sound, Comfortable Play

Crafted from solid Phoenix wood, each 'Ekolu Tiny Tenor radiates elegance with an exquisite abalone rosette and a glossy finish. The ebony fretboard and bridge not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to the overall playability. The ergonomic design ensures a harmonious journey for every chord struck, allowing for strap-free jam sessions that musicians crave.

Romero Creations 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele

Innovation Redefined: Daniel Ho and Pepe Romero Jr.'s Masterpiece

Conceptualized by Daniel Ho and Pepe Romero Jr., this 'Ekolu Tiny Tenor defies expectations with its slender body and teardrop shape. Despite its diminutive size, the traditional 17-inch scale length guarantees a familiar feel, making it a portable powerhouse of musical expression. This instrument seamlessly combines tenor scale resonance with concert ukulele portability, opening doors to new possibilities for musicians.

Romero Creations 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele

Premium Construction: Solid Phoenix Wood

The Romero Creations 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele is a marvel of craftsmanship, boasting a construction of solid Phoenix wood for its top, back, and sides. This choice of wood not only lends durability to the instrument but also contributes to its resonant and rich tone. With a 17-inch (432mm) tenor scale length, players can enjoy a comfortable playing experience and ample fret spacing for complex chord progressions.


    Romero Creations 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele

    Enhanced Playability: Tenor Scale Length and Precise Nut Width

    Featuring a 1.10-inch (28mm) nut width and 0.39-inch (10mm) string spacing at the nut, the 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele offers players precise control and ease of playability. With 14 frets to the body and easy access to all frets, musicians can explore the full range of the instrument with ease, unleashing its powerful and crisp tone with every strum.


    Superior Performance: High-Quality Tuners and Luxurious Ebony Details

    Equipped with high-quality geared 16:1 tuners, the 'Ekolu Tenor Ukulele ensures stable tuning and reliable performance. Its ebony fingerboard, bridge, and headplate add to the instrument's luxurious aesthetic appeal, complemented by an intricate abalone rosette and the distinguished Daniel Ho logo. Tuned to C-E-A with the Pepe Romero UT1 or UT2 Tenor Ukulele Set (excluding the 4th string), this instrument embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, proudly crafted in Vietnam.

    Headstock with Logo

    Experience the Joy of Strumming

    Delve into the joy of strumming on the Romero Creations 'Ekolu 3 String Tiny Tenor Ukulele, where every note resonates with the spirit of innovation and artistry. Join the chorus of satisfied musicians who have found their rhythm in this harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. At Terry Carter Music Store, this instrument awaits to be the companion of your musical journey.

    Back of headstock - tuners

    Unveil Musical Bliss: Explore the 'Ekolu Tiny Tenor at Terry Carter Music Store

    Discover the 'Ekolu Tiny Tenor at Terry Carter Music Store and embark on a musical adventure that transcends boundaries. This masterpiece invites you to step into the world of ukulele bliss, where innovation and creativity converge for an unparalleled musical experience. 

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