Risa Electric Tenor Ukuleles

Risa ST-432 Strat Style Electric Tenor Ukulele

This unique instrument combines traditional ukulele charm with modern electric capabilities, offering players a versatile musical experience. Available in Cream WhiteSunburst, and Black, its Strat-style design exudes style and functionality.

 Risa ST-432-CW Strat ST-Style Cream Tenor Electric Ukulele

Style Meets Functionality

Crafted with a solid Alder body and a solid Maple neck, the Risa ST-432 ensures durability and excellent resonance. The bolt-on neck features an adjustable truss rod, allowing players to customize their playing experience for optimal comfort and performance. With a sleek gloss finish and black dot inlays on the Maple fretboard, this ukulele boasts both elegance and playability.

Risa ST-432-SB Electric Tenor Ukulele

Craftsmanship and Quality

Equipped with two handmade RISA pickups – one Humbucker and one Single Coil – this ukulele delivers a diverse range of tones. The 3-way switch for pickup selection (Neck, Bridge, and Both) along with volume and tone controls with aluminum knobs, empower players to explore various sonic possibilities with ease. Plus, the geared diecast tuners and electric steel strings ensure precise tuning and reliable performance.

Risa ST-432-BK Electric Tenor Ukulele

Risa TE-432 Tele T-Style Tenor Electric Ukulele

This sleek instrument, offered in Seafoam Green and Butterscotch Blonde, boasts a Tele-style design with a solid Alder body and a solid Maple neck bolted on with an adjustable truss rod for optimal playability. The maple fretboard features black dot inlays, while the 432mm scale length ensures comfortable handling. Weighing just 4.6 lbs, it's lightweight and easy to carry.

Risa TE-432 Electric Tenor Ukulele

Experience Precision Craftsmanship

Handmade RISA pickups (including 1x Humbucker, 1x Single Coil) deliver exceptional sound quality, enhanced by the 3-way switch for pickup selection and volume/tone controls with aluminum knobs. Crafted in Germany, this electric ukulele guarantees premium quality and a unique musical experience, perfectly suited for players seeking versatility and style in their performances.

Risa LP-432 Les Paul LP-Style Electric Ukulele

This sleek instrument is designed for both style and performance, offered in Cherry Sunburst and Tobacco Sunburst finishes. Crafted with a tenor Les Paul style, its solid mahogany neck features an adjustable truss rod for precise tuning, while the Richlite fretboard adorned with white dot inlays offers smooth playability across its 19 frets. With a compact length of 432 mm and weighing just 4.7 lbs, it's perfect for musicians on the go.

Risa LP-432-CS Tenor Electric Ukulele "Una"

Elevate Your Sound with the Risa LP-432

Equipped with two handmade RISA Humbuckers and advanced electronics, including a 3-way switch for pickup selection and volume/tone controls, this ukulele delivers versatile sound options. Complete with geared diecast tuners and Risa steel strings, this instrument is expertly crafted in Germany for exceptional quality. Tuned to G-C-E-A with a LOW G, it's ready to elevate your musical experience.

Risa LP-432-MH-TS Electric Tenor Ukulele "Sun Flare" 


In conclusion, Risa Electric Tenor Ukuleles fuse classic ukulele charm with contemporary electric capabilities, offering a dynamic musical journey. With stylish options like Seafoam Green, Cherry Sunburst, and Butterscotch Blonde, these instruments blend form and function effortlessly. Crafted with precision from quality materials, featuring adjustable truss rods and handmade pickups, they ensure both durability and versatility for musicians seeking a unique sonic adventure.

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